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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it's an ad campaign that features adolf hitler. new at 6:00, ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco with the ads that some call offensive and others insist are free speech. david. >> reporter: julie, the ad comes at what all say is a volatile time in wake of the terrorist attacks in paris. revenues bring in $18 a million for the municipal agency. there are ads the mta would clearly not run. >> we certainly understand that people might be offended by these ads. >> 40muni buses and vehicles this weekend began carrying this ad. equating islam with naziism. they feature muslim leader, and adolf hitler. >> people need to understand that this hatred is a religious imperative. >> the american freedom initiative paid for the ads in the wake of recent terrorism in
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paris. we feel this message in critical in light of what happens in paris, the slaughter of four jewish people at a kosher supermarket. >> it's not the first time the controversial ads have shown up on muni vehicles. this is the 8th time over the last few years that this organization posted ads like these. it is something we hear from our riders, from people in san francisco that this is offensive. >> in a statement, the bay area office of the council on arabic islamic -- they are protected by the first amendment as is our ability to speak out against them. muni says the ads are protected under free speech. >> we have to run these ads. it could result in a lawsuit. and then at the same time, yes using taxpayer dollars to pay for a lawsuit. >> the agency is continuing an on board ad campaign that aims to counter the controversial message outside the vehicles. >> we have our peace campaign,
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that continues to run throughout the year. >> and contacted me to correct themselves. the ads are actually running on 50, not 40, mun i lrv's and buses. the agency donated some of the revenues to the county's human rights commission. the current ad is scheduled to appear on vehicles for four weeks, frank and julie. >> this isn't the only controversial ad campaign going on in the city right now, is it? >> that's right, we are seeing 50 antiabortion banners hanging from poles around the city that are administered by the department of public works. in the past pro-choice banners hung from the same poles. people have complained in the past about both sides hanging their banners, but they say this as a case of free speech as well. >> david stevenson live in san francisco. david, thank you. continuing coverage now, new video came out today from last week's massacre in paris. the footage shows the two gunman getting away after
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killing 12 people. you can see here the two calmly returned to their car and appear to be reloading their weapons. after driving around the corner, the brothers come head on with a police car blocking their escape. the men get out and open fire at the officer who is forced to quickly back up out of the alley. now all of this comes as the latest issue of charlie hebdo is ready to hit newsstands with a defiant message. >> it was not the front page the terrorists wanted us to make, because there's no terrorists on it. there's just a man crying. a guy crying, it's mohommed. >> the issue will be available in 16 languages and feature some of the work done by those journalists who were murdered in last week's attack. we first told you about it at this time last night and today, california attorney general kamala harris made it official. she is running by the u.s. senate being vacated by debra boxer. why she may not have an easy
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campaign. >> she made the announcement on her website. i'm excited to share with you that i'm launching my campaign to represent the people of california in the united states senate. >> i think if you were to put her head on against anyone, she would be considered the favorite. >> science professor says her chances can diminish. >> certainly going into a democratic primary in june of 2016, she stands above the fray at the same time, calculation, which is multiple candidates and sort of anything can happen. >> those include the former mayor of california's largest matropolis. >> it can splinter ide logically, and so you can imagine a scenario under which half dozen democrats on the ballot and one or two republicans. and the math gets interesting. >> add to that, lingering resentment among some law
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enforcement, particularly the san francisco police department. in 2004, officer isaacest isaac espenoza was killed. kamala harris did not seek the death penalty. >> because life without possibility of parole results in a defined consequence where we don't have to wait for years for resolution. >> back then, the police officers association took a pragmatic stance. >> our officers, i think, are sophisticated enough to understand that life without the possibility of parole under special circumstances may be as much as we can expect in this town. >> off camera, they were seething. the san francisco police officer's association says it's not quite ready to talk about the kamala harris campaign. as one member put it, there's still old wounds. in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. contra costa county supervisors approved a pay
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raise. supervisors approved that pay increase last year. the board hasn't had a pay raise since 2006. public employees started a signature drive to overturn it. the supervisors make $97,000. they wanted to increase that to $129,000. they will reconsider their options for a raise when they finalize their vote next week. the city of oakland could be on the hook for a settlement to occupy oakland protesters. police corralled hundreds of protesters outside the ymca and some 400 protesters were arrested. a federal magistrate today tentatively approved a $1.3 million settlement to those who claim they were unfairly arrested. the lawsuit claims the protesters weren't given a dispurr sal order before they were taken in. an investigation is underway at a morgan hill school where three 8th grade
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students got high on cold medicine. the students took so many pills, they had to be rushed to the hospital. and as ktvu found out, it's a dangerous trend the students learn from social media. >> being a middle school parent, she never had to worry about her 7th grade daughter getting access or high off any kind of drugs until now. >> they are kids and coming to school to learn. >> on monday, three 8th grade girls were taken to the emergency room in gilroy after showing signs of being intoxicated at lunchtime. >> they were beginning to display systems of elevated heart rate, loss of coordination. >> the girls admitted to taking cough, cold, and congestion medicine at school. commonly known as triple c. >> these were tablets designed to be a one-a-day type tablet and they took in the range of 10 to 12 of these. >> the girls learned about it on youtube. teens around the country are talking about its effects. >> it's almost an epidemic nationwide. >> license pharmacists norm
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fox says the ingredient to watch out for, a cough suppressant found in many cold medicines. >> too much of this drug can actually cause death. it actually causes the central nervous system to shut down and quit breathing and i would say they were lucky. >> the school is warning parents and teaching students a life lesson not found in their textbook. >> if these three students knew about this, i'm sure there are others out there that are aware of it as well. >> and again, that was smith reporting. now administrators tell us they are investigating where the students got the medicine and if any disciplinary action should be taken. starting today, the amber alert system has two new high- tech partners. the public alert system for missing children began, you remember these, with random pictures on milk cartons. it progressed to amber alerts with billboards, electric highway signs and more recently, to cell phone notifications. today, the u.s. attorney general announced that bing and
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facebook will help expand the reach of those amber alerts. >> facebook, already an amber alert partner will now begin sending alerts along with detailed information and photographs to its members in designated search areas. and the search engine, bing, will begin allowing users to access amber alerts to its online tools. >> the national center for missing and exploited children says that amber alerts helped find 711 children since the program was created in 1996. >> shipping at the port of oakland reached an all-time high. port officials say it handled 2,239,000 cargo containers in 2014. that beats the previous record in 2006. the port director says the unprecedented volume is due to three factors. stronger demand for asian goods, a backlog of freight at the ports in los angeles and long beach, and the port of oakland's own efforts to boost
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business. the high speed rail authority today awarded a billion dollar construction contract to a joint venture of three companies. the 1.36 billion-dollar deal will pay for the design and construction of the second phase of the rail line. that's a 65-mile stretch south of fresno. the board overseeing the project also listened to high speed rail experts who safely operated bullet trans for decades. >> we have 50 year history for high speed rail, but so in the history, we don't have any injuries and we don't have any fatalities at all. >> while japan's rail system is safe, the technology can be difficult to master. california's independent budget analyst office says the state could have billions more money than estimated. last week, governor jerry brown unveiled his budget plan after looking at it, the legislate analyst said california is likely to collect $1 to $2
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billion more in taxes than the governor predicted. only if stock markets don't crash since revenue is heavily dependent on market swings. most of the additional money would go to schools. >> a deadly crash at a bay area railroad crossing. the problem that could be to blame for that collision. >> and tracking the air quality as well as some fog that will reform tonight and looking forward to a chance of showers in the five-day forecast. and checking in now on our evening commute. this is a lye look at state route 237. the headlights are headed in an east direction. >> and in downtown san jose, it is a slow sxf raffic in this area. this is a look right now at interstate 280. the headlights are headed in the eastbound direction. we are back with more in just a moment.
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we're learning new details about a deadly collision last week on the railroad tracks in gilroy. authorities say last friday, the driver of a pickup truck was killed when he collided with a union pacific maintenance vehicle. the highway patrol confirms that the warning bells and cross bar activated after the crash, not before that maintenance vehicle crossed the intersection as they should have. 54-year-old donald williams of gilroy died at the scene. a man who was walking by tried to help. >> i told my cousin, jacob, to check his pulse and i kept talking to him, telling him, hang in there, buddy, you're going to make it. don't give up. help is on the way. >> union pacific released a statement saying quote, safety is a main priority for union pacific. this particular incident is being investigated thoroughly to determine what led to this accident and identify possible remedies. >> a lot of water went down the drain at the fremont hub shopping center today.
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mainely a avery sent us these pictures of the geyser in the parking lot. she said someone ran over a fire hydrant and this is what it looked like after the water was turned off. a flooded parking lot. for the first time in years, homeless families can apply for spot in san francisco's public housing. but as rob roth found out, demand for that housing is far greater than the supply. >> this mother and her five- year-old son have been bouncing from residential hotels to single rooms in san francisco they share with other families. even though her husband works in a produce market, they can't afford anything better. >> oftentimes, he wonders why do we have to move again? i don't know what to say. >> but today the family signed up hoping to win the lottery. in this case, a public housing apartment. these housing projects are certainly not luxurious, but a lot better than where many homeless families are currently
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living. >> very challenging not to have a key chain. if i want to feed my son, it's very difficult for me to do all this within the room. >> and beginning today for the first time ever, only homeless families are allowed to apply to get on that wait list. >> this homeless family preference is really change the direction of the housing authority in terms of really meeting a need that we have. >> there are an estimated 1100 homeless families since san francisco. the city expects to find public housing space through about 200 families over the next year. >> this is a small dance, but an incredibly important one. >> odds are long -- >> i'm in shelter right now. >> this mother would like to leave the shelter she's been living in. >> to me, it's not a normal way of living. being from shelter to shelter with two small children. >> the deadline for applying is sunday night. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco mayor, ed lee announced a major expansion of the city's preschool for all
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program. it is a move the mayor hopes will keep more young families in the city. >> we want to support all the reasons why families should stay in san francisco. there could be many reasons why we leave, but i think early education and a signal to young families that we want their kids to be educated and supported in the earliest possible way. >> the expansion will help an additional 860 four-year-olds go to preschool, bringing the total number of 4700. the program is funded through two measures approved by san francisco voters in november. >> i can't get over this weather. middle of january and it's absolutely spectacular out there. unfortunately, we need the rain. but this is just beautiful. >> well, to illustrate your point, let's take a look at the forecast highs across the country tomorrow. we've had great weather here. take a look at what is forecast for chicago. daytime tomorrow at 12 degrees. 19 in minneapolis. so this is what winter looks like. in this area here, look where we are. we're out in this area where we
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are seeing lots of 60s and warm weather. as a matter of fact, our highs today, certainly well above 20 degrees. i mean, we're 68 was the high. and 65 in napa. we did have a couple of 70- degree readings down towards the gilroy area and down south of morgan hill. but it's been very warm. and it continues to remain dry. fog this morning, we showed you video of it earlier. on the bay bridge, a live camera shot of the bay bridge, but there's a chance we'll see some again tomorrow, not as much as we did. that's a dangerous fog. it's a valley fog that comes in and really socks in and drops visibilities. when the fog comes off the coast, you have visibility. when the valley fog creeps into the bay, it gets right down on the deck and it makes visibilities very, very low. as you often see in the central valley. we'll see patchy fog again tonight. there's a little bit of fog forming out towards the stockton area. we will see fog up in santa rosa area.
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patchy, not wide, widespread, but very similar to what we saw this morning. maybe a little bit less. be prepared for it this time of year. when we don't have a weather system and we don't have wind and you're in the winter in the bay area, just always think fog in the early morning hours and you know that, especially in the park area, up around the napa area. 42 tomorrow morning in napa. 44 in vallejo. patchy fog as you get going on your wednesday tomorrow. the high pressure is staying put, so we're dry. i pointed out some significant systems, i pointed them out at 5:00. some significant systems, but they are going up over the top. we are in for more over the same, until we get towards friday when a few clouds come in, maybe some drizzle, but not enough to change, you know, the forecast of mostly dry. temperatures tomorrow, mid 60s. well above the average. five-day forecast is dry. now not only for this five-day forecast, but right now, the next five days. hopefully that will change. in the meantime, watch out for the fog in the morning.
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it's not overly cold. just kind of -- i had a quiet pattern. >> boy, some of that fog in the central valley -- >> yeah, that is dangerous fog. >> yeah, it is. there will be some of that again tonight. >> we saw that accident that killed five people there in the central valley. thanks, bill. well, the bay area football coach carousel continues. >> coming up next, are the niners and raiders any closer to choosing a new head coach? our sports director, mark ibanez will have answers. >> now it's time to check in with gasia. >> julie, coming up at 7:00, some frightening crimes in downtown san francisco. punched, kicked, even beaten in broad daylight. and the dangerous fog across northern california. we'll show you how the dense fog led to tragedy in one city. we're working on these stories and much more coming up at 7:00 on tv 36.
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the san francisco giants want to transform a parking lot across the street from at&t park into a beer garden. it would be called the yard and it would be built out of 15
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shipping containers. the venue to the port commission this afternoon and if approved, it could be built in march. i just say, i speak for a lot of giant fans, spend a little money on a left fielder. >> instead of a beer garden? >> forget the beer garden. >> how about a cleanup hitter, you know, nothing this offseason. >> all right, let's go across the bay to the raiders. because this must be a tough time. one of those situations where season has been over a couple weeks, but both the 49ers and the raiders taking a road trip. they wind up together in denver, although they might have chipped in and saved on a jet, they probably took separate flights. it might be an interesting sign that the raiders actually traveled to denver to meet jack del rio for his second interview, the former now, former defensive coordinator with the denver broncos. just might be a perfect fit for
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the raiders. baselybasically, a good sign that they are talking to him for a second time. so we'll keep our eyes on that story. 49ers also in denver. and they are looking at adam who is the offensive coordinator for the broncos prior to john fox. lost to the colts, 49ers so far all over the map. they apparently have interviewed about ten or so candidates for the job. an offensive minded coach and you could ask if you are a 49er fan, what happened to that ten- day plan out the window i guess. well, as far as nba activity, what happens when big men get mad? take a look. last night, it is kevin garnett, dwight howard, a little pushing and shoving. ball throwing, and head butt right there. kevin garnett head butts big dwight howard. dwight howard is fined $15,000
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for his part in it. garnett is fined and suspended for one game. those are two guys you wouldn't want to tangle with. really didn't look like they were all that anxious to tangle with each other, as a matter of fact. warriors are in action. as they have game up in utah early score by 5 or 6 points. but the warriors are up. >> that's right. anything more useless than a partial basketball score, i don't know what it is. >> partial basketball score. we want the full score. >> changes every seven seconds. we'll have full highlights tonight at 10:00. >> mark, thank you. a quick five-day before we go. >> the weather looks dry. and look for the fog. the valley fog, the dense fog advisory last night in the central valley. issues with accidents down there. same story again tonight, especially south of sacramento. >> thank you, bill. >> happening now, gavin
6:27 pm
newsome making his first public appearance. we're asking about that decision and what he does plan to run for in the future. that's coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> along with much more. we are always here for you at, facebook, and twitter. thank you so much for joining us tonight. good night. >> see you later.
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